Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Pardot

If I asked someone outside of the marketing field what they think the most important part of marketing will be in 2018, they may not be able to pinpoint just one answer. If someone asked me the same question, I would answer in one word. Data. Every part of a marketing strategy should be driven on the data collected on the target audience. That’s where Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot come in. Using these tools, you can make the most of the data you collect and have at your disposal.

Below you can find a few things to think about when using your data:

First, decide what information is important to you from the data. A lot of times marketers look to gather as much data as possible on their target audience. This leaves them with unorganized information, and the process ends there. This information sits in the database and collects dust. That is why it is important for marketers to utilize that data by deciding what data will help their business meet their goals. Marketing Cloud or Pardot can be used as tools to organize and connect that data. 

Second, using data to drive content. Within Marketing Cloud and Pardot we can set rules and actions based on data. Using dynamic content based on your data will allow your team to get the most effective content to your subscribers. Making every piece of content you send as impactful as possible. Using the data you gather, even the most basic information, such as a name, can allow for your communications to be more meaningful. Dynamic content allows users to use a subscriber’s name based on a data set, making for more personalized messages. You can also use data to know the most effective delivery time and communication channel, this can help ensure that you message is sent and received in the most effective way, giving you a better chance of interaction with your content.

When planning your marketing strategy for 2018 and beyond, keep your data in mind at every step. Think of your data as another part of your team. It’s doing a job, and it’s give you the information you need to be as impactful as possible. Whether its deciding on the content to analyzing for future efforts, or just a test send,  your data can give you all the answers.

Jared Davis