Meet Ian Barker


Meet ian

I'm Ian Barker. I'm a Salesforce developer who dabbles in business analysis. I've also been known to assemble IKEA furniture for the office from time to time.


At this point I think having hobbies is my hobby. I have a room dedicated to storing and facilitating playing board games. I have 109 games in my collection at the time of writing this, but that will change. I paint miniatures, both in the context of board game minis and as a hobby all by itself. I mess around with 3D printers (I currently own two, some day I'll get a resin printer). I've been dabbling in home automation lately. I tinker with electronics and I'm always tempted to get another Raspberry Pi or Arduino board. I have three ferrets of varying temperaments. I read books of all sorts, but usually find myself in science fiction. I watch movies of all sorts. I enjoy a good show where the writers are aiming at an intentional conclusion. 


I work mainly with Apex at the moment, but I have a history with Python, Java, Javascript, and for some reason, SCHEME. I've been doing Salesforce administration and development for several years now and prior to that worked with time keeping software integration via middleware.

What makes ian unique

Being a nerd isn't exactly a stand out attribute in the tech industry. However, I like to think I can be well spoken and help bridge the gap between technical and non-technical people. As I've mentioned before, I love board games. However, I think my favorite part is teaching those games. Distilling complex, intimidating systems and mechanisms into friendly, bite-sized narratives is far and away my strong suit. I like to think that's an invaluable skill to have in today's complex world that is only growing more complex by the day.

What inspires ian

Whoever at Heinz that came up with the "dip-n-squeeze" ketchup packet. It's such a small, silly thing but a whole team within the company had to come together and basically try to reinvent the wheel that is the ubiquitous sauce packet, and then somehow knocked it out of the park.

The best meal he ever had

I cried once while eating sushi.

Bucket List

1) Meet a capybara in some capacity.

2) Have my Halloween decorations reported to the police due to being too good.

3) See lava in person

At work

I am working with a customer who is just starting out digitizing their business. This is exciting to me because I get to work with a blank slate and have a larger role in recognizing and refining their business processes before they manifest themselves in the digital realm. It's like making someone listen to The Beatles for the first time. How they've gone so long without experiencing this I don't know, but I'm glad I get to be around to help guide them.

Which salesforce character ian relates to

Codey. He doesn't wear pants. Yet, unlike Cloudy, does not eschew clothing altogether. 


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