Meet Nikki Morales

Meet Nikki




My name is Nikki Morales and I am a part of the Partner Alliances & Biz Dev team here at Hackd.  Some of my responsibilities include overall customer engagement from event marketing to initial contact to pre and post-event strategies.



Exploring the world with my husband, Cord, is 100% my favorite thing to do!  We are constantly planning our next trip before we even hit 30,000 feet on the way home from our current one.  My favorite trips always involve a lot of outdoorsy activities- hiking, white water rafting, etc.  If I'm not traveling you can find me in the gym, or binge watching some crime shows on Netflix with Cord and our chocolate Lab, Nola.


My background is mostly in the retail & fashion industry- more specifically, footwear merchandising. 

The Best Trip I Ever Took

Without a doubt my favorite trip was to Iceland this past February.  Literally (and figuratively) the COOLEST place I have ever been!  Barcelona comes in at a close second- the Paella & Cava is to die for!

What Inspires Nikki

Rommy Revson-  you probably have no idea who she is - but, if you ever rock a ponytail, she should be your idol.  Rommy invented the scrunchie.  She looked at the everyday rubber band hair tie one day, I'm sure after the crying stopped from taking hers out and looking at the amount of tangled hair that had been ripped out, and thought, "We deserve better!"  She slapped some fabric on the band and here we are- free to whip our locks into a bun or pony without fear.  We need more people in the world like her.

You're Stranded on an Island, What do you Bring?

An unlimited supply of donuts & my Venus razor. If I'm stuck on an island I am going to have shaved legs for that sick tan I'll have!!

Bucket List

1. Visit every continent

2. Complete a triathalon

3. Go Zorbing (it's worth a Google)

What if you win the lottery?

I would buy a huge ranch and fill it with all the rescue dogs that need loving!

Which Salesforce Character Nikki Relates to

For sure Astro! Astro and I are both warm, welcoming, and love making new friends- being an only child has helped me out here by forcing me into having the ability to talk to a brick wall if I need to!  We both want to help the Salesforce community achieve their goals and love to ask questions to see how we can help!  The added bonus that Astro loves travel & adventure is just icing on the cake!

Nikki Morales